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RACE WITH THE DEVIL - Burn Baby, Burn Soundtrack Compilation CD

The compilation music soundtrack from the movie "Race With The Devil - Drive Like Hell"

Get ready for a race against the forces of evil where speed, courage and sheer lust collide. Engines will howl, tires will scream and temptation will sizzle. The battle for their souls is about to ignite. An ex-football player challenges the Devil in a hellish lust-fueled drag race, risking everything to save his uncle and girlfriend from the clutches of darkness. Vade retro, satana!!

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CHROME DIVISION - “The Devil Walks Proud” Booze, Broads And Beelzebub Nuclear Blast Records ℗ 2008

FOWLBEAST - “The Devil’s Got A Hold On Me” Race With The Devil High Speed Low Drag ℗ 2023

CRUCIFIED BARBARA - “Rock Me Like The Devil” The Midnight Chase Nuclear Blast Records ℗ 2012

THE YOUNG WEREWOLVES - “Devil Dancer Girl” Cheat The Devil ℗ 2008

THE BLOODY HOLLIES - “Gasoline” If Footmen Tire You... Alive Records ℗ 2005

GIRLSCHOOL - “Race With The Devil” Demolition Unofficial Release ℗ 2005

BULLET - “One Deal With The Devil” Heading For The Top Nuclear Blast Records ℗ 2008

MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT - “Gateway To Hell” I See Good Spirits And I See Bad Spirits Sleazebox Records ℗ 1988

RACE WITH THE DEVIL - “Nightmare” Race With The Devil High Speed Low Drag ℗ 2023

DEMONS - “Translucent Nights” Scarcity Rock Courtesy of Alaska Productions ℗ 2010

FOWLBEAST - “Race For Life” Race With The Devil High Speed Low Drag ℗ 2023

MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT - “Devil Bunnies” Kooler Than Jesus Sleazebox Records ℗ 1989

THE YOUNG WEREWOLVES - “Touched By A Demon” Cheat The Devil ℗ 2008

DAVID MYHRE - “Fallen” Race With The Devil High Speed Low Drag ℗ 2014

HELLFIRE REVIVAL - “Going To Hell” Going To Hell ℗ 2016

REV. J.M. GATES ReMix - “Death‘s Black Train” From Original 1926 Song ReMix Race With Devil ℗ 2023

DARLING KANDIE - “Randy Road” People Next Door Sleazebox Records ℗ 2002

MARSHALL WILLARD - “Sweet Ol’ Lucifer” Marshall Willard ℗ 2014

JIMMY WHITE - “The Devil” Jimmy White 1954 [Public Domain]

DAVID MYHRE - “Star Spangled Banner” Race With The Devil High Speed Low Drag ℗ 2014


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